Are you searching for a dog fence wire break locator? It is common to look for a wire break locator to trace or locate the pathway, the hidden or visible path on pet control system such as the invisible dog fence wireless, a Pet Stop, Dog Guard, etc.

The product is design from plastic and though it functions in the same method like the commercial units it is the consumer level product and thus it is not as durable as the commercial units. The wire break locator help the customer who wants to have a dog fence in their yard. You will just only plug the wire boundary from the wall transmitter hooked on the temporary transmitter. This will lead to a clear tone that can be heard on the AM radio which is also included. You can walk to the boundary wire together with the radio to locate the break wire.

When you buy a dog fence wire break locator, it is prepared in a kit that includes the following:

  • Wire break locator transmitter
  • Receiver with elastic handle and a 2 triple A batteries
  • A 50 feet boundary wire
  • A 2 grounding stakes
  • A 4 gel-filled capsules
  • A 4 wire nuts
  • A 2 cable ties

These things can be found when you buy a locator kit for your break wire.

The advantage of this locator wire is very important because the wire that you have installed in your lawn may not stay longer as what you have expected. They may be prone in rust and break into pieces. If you have this wire locator you can definitely locate the break wire. It is important to trace the break wire before anything bad happens.

If you dont know how to use the wire break locator you can ask for a help to teach you and help you do the work. There are some experts or professionals that can help you use the locators. The device is made to help people locate and fix the problem with their electric dog fence in their yard. To provide their dog a secure and safe fence while their dog is roaming around.

If you think that there is something wrong with the wire you had installed in your yard, try now to look for a break wire locator to fix the problem and to help you solve your worries with the safety of your dog.

Dont hesitate to buy because it will truly help you fix the break wire in your yard.